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I’m hard at work editing and rewriting The Shadows of Dusk but these other story ideas keep appearing. They’re like little seeds drifting down from the sky, implanting themselves in my grey matter. There they stay, germinating in my subconscious, until one day I wake up with a first sentence in my head.

That first sentence is crucial to me. I need to have a good first sentence. Whether it’s the first sentence of a new story or the first sentence of the next scene in the current story I’m writing is irrelevant; either way, I need to have it before I can write. The first sentence gives me an idea where the story is supposed to go. It’s the starter clue in a treasure hunt, and without it, I don’t know where to begin.

So I kick a suggestion down to my subconscious, and it chews on it for awhile, and then I wake up with the first sentence or two in my head. I sit down and write out that sentence and usually everything else follows from there, a cascade of letters and words and paragraphs that eventually becomes a story.

It’s a terribly exciting feeling to wake up with a first sentence, because you never know where that particular treasure hunt is going to lead.