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I love my characters

Tonight I was doodling on a notepad while talking on the phone, not really paying attention to what I was doing. Then I realized I was writing the name of my male lead from the Tonga story, Jerome Kaui, with little hearts around his name. It was so sixth grade.

I couldn’t help but laugh though, because it’s true; I always fall in love with my characters. This is true even for my darker characters. I write erotica, yes, but there’s usually an element of romance as well. If I don’t find my characters lovable, or at least desirable, how will any of my readers? I can’t share an emotion I don’t feel. So I think about them, and daydream about them. Wherever I am, I imagine that they’re there with me, and envision what their probable reaction might be to the situation. I imagine them until I can turn them from character ideas into being full-fledged crushes. Once I’ve done that, I can write my enthusiasm onto the page.

Of course, the downside of this is that it will always be an unrequited crush. (Well, unless someone develops proper programmable full-virtual-reality technology, or holodecks.)  I suppose pining for imaginary people is one of the prices I pay as an erotica writer. ;)

A Softer World gets it right

I was looking through the archives of A Softer World and came across a comic that made me think of, well, most of the things I write. ;)