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Review for Ink Me

From Kayden McLeod, author of the Sara’s Story trilogy, Jezebel’s Article, and Deadly Fetishes:

Robin Wolfe’s Ink Me is an erotically satisfying tale, hooking your definite interest from page one. The unexpected twists and turns for a tattoo artist and his model leave you guessing, never sure what will happen next. Even through some awkward moments, she seeks to shed propriety in an effort to just let go… Don’t we all seek to be free in one way or another? If you want perfectly wicked sex scenes, complex characters and a story that will so easily allow placing yourself in Marie’s shoes, to experience every unsure and confident moment alike; this is it. Ink Me is a for-sure read for anyone who has ever fantasized about that one unattainable guy, who suddenly… just falls into your lap. Or you into his.

If I had three thumbs, they’d all be up right now.