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It’s Victorian Porn Friday!

An LJ user that goes by Wrathfulenglish put it well: “Victorian porn is like a kitten with a giant human penis. The very notion is horrifying and makes you want to pull out the brain bleach, but you can’t and you don’t want to because–kitty!”

So with that in mind, I think we’ll start a new tradition around here. We’ll call it Victorian Porn Fridays, although it may not always be on a Friday because sometimes I’m forgetful or lazy. Anyway, for each installment I’ll post a choice segment from erotica written during the Victorian era. Needless to say, it’s NSFW. (Sometimes Victorian porn is also NSFL, just sayin’. Victorians didn’t seem to have much of a problem with incest and ephebophilia and other things that are issues nowadays.) Victorian Porn Fridays are only for those over the age of 18, as the content is explicit. Clicking on the “more” tag constitutes agreement that you are over the age of 18 and sexually explicit material is legal in your area.

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Butt titles

I was reading Poppy Z Brite’s blog and she had an entry where she discussed a game she and her friends play, where they insert the word “butt” for a noun in a book title, for comedic effect. I couldn’t help but do my own list for my books:
The Shadows of Butt, Ink Butt, Buttf**ker, and Good Butt.

The novellas and stories currently in progress:
Terra-Cotta Butt, The Butt Story, Butt Dreams, and Butt

And my freebies:
Butt Dance, An Eternity With Butt, Butt: Fist, Butt, and Butt.

Heh. I think The Shadows of Butt is my favorite, although I’m partial to Terra-Cotta Butt as well.

Joining the current century

I’ve realized that I should be more available on social networking sites. To that end, I can now be found on Facebook at my Fan Page, and on Twitter.

New site!

As I previously had an unconnected blog and a static site, I decided to go the WordPress route and make something integrated. The basics are now complete, and selected entries from the old blog have been moved here. (There were too many to move and most were inconsequential, so I just picked a small handful of posts from the past two years.) I hope you all enjoy the new site, and if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know! I can be reached via the “Contact Me” page in the menu bar to the right. :)