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An awesome review for my anthology!

Freaky Fountain Press is going great. Our first two anthologies, Bad Romance and This Is The Way The World Ends, were released in March. Bad Romance is my anthology (meaning I chose all the stories that are included in the anthology, edited the stories, and wrote the foreword), and we just got a lovely review from a reigning legend of literary erotica, Remittance Girl. Some excerpts (full review is here):

Some romances break your heart and some dismember and disembowel you, this anthology deals with the latter, both metaphorically and literally. From Jeanette Grey’s looping car crash in ‘Bleeding Red‘ to the blithe decapitation of Chris Guthrie’s ‘Three Days In Summer‘, the collection is a literate homage to all the ways in which we delight in our own destruction and that of those we love.

I once tried to describe the difference between porn and erotica by explaining that porn carves away all extraneous matter and leaves the sex whereas erotica should reflect an entire life, seen through an erotic lens. ‘Bad Romance’ does exactly that, no matter how explicit or raw or violent. It tells the story of the how and the why, not just the what.

I think the biggest compliment I can offer this collection is: I seldom care if or where I’m published. This is the only anthology I’ve ever read in which I would have given several digits of my right hand to be included.

I do hope Freaky Fountain Press survive and thrive. Because I honestly believe that the future of erotica as a legitimate genre is in the hands of editors and publishers of their ilk.

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