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Victorian Porn Friday #14

The excerpt today is from Forbidden fruit luscious and exciting story and More forbidden fruit or Master Percy’s progress in and beyond the domestic circle, from 1898.

A number of people have commented on how Victorian porn is surprisingly normal. The truth is that people are people, whether in the 1800′s or the 2000′s, and fucking is fucking. But there were certain subjects which were much more commonly found in Victorian porn than are considered acceptable today (save for a small niche that’s into that particular kink). One of these subjects is incest, and the selection today should be enough to fill your Incest-O-Meter for the next week or so. (And it isn’t by any means the most incestuous scene I’ve come across in Victorian porn. This excerpt is fairly “normal” Victorian incest, relatively speaking.) Enjoy, and if this sets you to Frigging, try not to injure your Prick or Fanny!

Needless to say, Victorian Porn Fridays are NSFW. (Sometimes Victorian porn is also NSFL, just sayin’. Victorians didn’t seem to have much of a problem with incest and ephebophilia and other things like that.) Victorian Porn Fridays are only for those over the age of 18, as the content is explicit. Clicking to read more constitutes agreement that you are over the age of 18 and sexually explicit material is legal in your area.

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Welcome to all the new people!

We’ve been having quite the influx of visitors, for which I can thank Since I love that site myself, I’m flattered to have shown up in one of their articles!

I’d stopped posting new Victorian Porn Fridays since I wasn’t getting much response. But now I’ve been receiving emails and comments asking for new ones, so I promise I’ll find some time within the next few weeks to post another. I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of all that quim-wetting goodness (or, if you are of the penis-endowed variety, that John Thomas-thickening goodness). In the meantime, please enjoy the archives; they’re all tagged appropriately.

Ah, good old Victorian porn. Everybody loves a pervert, and they did do perversion so very elegantly!