An awesome review for my anthology!

Freaky Fountain Press is going great. Our first two anthologies, Bad Romance and This Is The Way The World Ends, were released in March. Bad Romance is my anthology (meaning I chose all the stories that are included in the anthology, edited the stories, and wrote the foreword), and we just got a lovely review from a reigning legend of literary erotica, Remittance Girl. Some excerpts (full review is here):

Some romances break your heart and some dismember and disembowel you, this anthology deals with the latter, both metaphorically and literally. From Jeanette Grey’s looping car crash in ‘Bleeding Red‘ to the blithe decapitation of Chris Guthrie’s ‘Three Days In Summer‘, the collection is a literate homage to all the ways in which we delight in our own destruction and that of those we love.

I once tried to describe the difference between porn and erotica by explaining that porn carves away all extraneous matter and leaves the sex whereas erotica should reflect an entire life, seen through an erotic lens. ‘Bad Romance’ does exactly that, no matter how explicit or raw or violent. It tells the story of the how and the why, not just the what.

I think the biggest compliment I can offer this collection is: I seldom care if or where I’m published. This is the only anthology I’ve ever read in which I would have given several digits of my right hand to be included.

I do hope Freaky Fountain Press survive and thrive. Because I honestly believe that the future of erotica as a legitimate genre is in the hands of editors and publishers of their ilk.

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  1. K

    Robin. I finished This is the Way the World Ends in two days. Everything is Chemical was the hottest story in that book by a comet’s tail. I went out to the store I got it at first thing this morning and bought Bad Romance.

    Straight up, I’ve never felt validation quite like this. I have got a fucked up mind from a fucked up life and even BDSM books get a little vanilla for me at times. The stories brought secret fears and shames out of the box they are kept in and allowed me to see them through another (generally more positive) lens, in the safety of my solitude; and turned me on while they were at it.

    I know this is a long shot, but let me know if you need any authors. I can spin a tiding tale.

  2. rwolfe

    Thank you so much for your comment! Everything Is Chemical was one of those strange stories that came out of nowhere, dressed to the nines in an unusual literary style, and took me for a sexy little waltz. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and I’m delighted you found it so hot.

    The validation you talk about is a big part of why we run Freaky Fountain. We want to provide a home for all of the readers and writers who have felt alone, freakish, and isolated. We want to make the statement that while many things are unacceptable and ethically wrong in real life, there should be no shame in fantasizing about such things. The taboo is fair game within our minds, and much like the seminal book “The Secret Garden” did for women in the 1970′s, we want to publish stories that help people feel recognized and validated, and move beyond their shame.

    Please do let me know what you think of Bad Romance. I’m very proud of all the authors and stories within, and I love hearing reader perceptions of it.

  3. rwolfe

    Realized today that I forgot to add this: Freaky Fountain Press has ongoing Calls for Submissions. The General Submission Guidelines should be read first, as those give an overview of what we do and do not want. Once you’ve read those, go check out the current Calls for Submissions.

  4. K

    I finished Bad Romance earlier this morning. I was really impressed with the arrangement of the stories, moving progressively into heavier and heavier territory, taking a ‘light’ break with the Affair in between two deliciously dark modern horrors and winding down with a couple of stories on successful cheating. Bravo! There were a couple points I noticed where some small detail in one story would coincidentally happen to appear in the next or the one after; now that’s just finesse. Can’t wait for Erotica Apocrypha. Will it be available at Good For Her or Come As You Are?

  5. K

    This is something that was the end result of a bunch of books I’ve read recently, which heralded my rediscovery of erotic fiction (after years forgotten to strife). I wrote it this morning. I’d like to submit something to Freaky Fountain- not this story specifically, it’s a bit too close to real life and is under word count- but I keep getting stymied by that nagging voice in the back of my head saying “this is wrong” or some bullshit. I’m still learning to shut that off, but in the meantime, if you find yourself with a spare 5 or 10 minutes, some critical advice would be openly welcome. It’s a heavy read so there are trigger warnings at the beginning.

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