Ink Me

ImageMarie is planning to get a tattoo that’s deeply important to her, and she knows she needs the perfect artist to do her ink. But when she finally meets award-winning tattooist Paul for her appointment, she realizes that his pictures in tattoo magazine profiles don’t begin to do him justice. As embarrassing as it is for her to admit to herself, she knows she’d like to get a whole lot more than just a tattoo from him… and as she soon discovers, the feeling may be mutual!

Published by Eternal Press

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Arkham Dreams

After Marie and Paul discover there’s more between them than just a business transaction, the process of getting her ink becomes much more interesting. As they go through the multiple appointments needed to create her intricate tattoo, their relationship continues to evolve, especially after they begin having mutual dreams of a strange land called Arkham…

Forthcoming from Eternal Press in November 2011.

The Shadows of Dusk

ImageAnna’s used to life in the brothel: the men come and go, and the only thing that changes are the names. She’s seen it all and done it all, and although she can’t say she likes it, with the help of the Menagerie she’s making it through. Every day is the same and Anna knows what to expect from her life. Or at least, she thought she did, until a man with a dark past walks through the brothel doors…

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ImageMeeting Akita, the lead singer of Arianne’s favorite band, was like a dream come true. But when that chance encounter turns steamy and is followed by an offer to ride along on the tour, Arianne’s life is turned upside down. She’s falling hard and fast and everything seems perfect for her, until she finds that Akita is not the only one on the tour bus that catches her eye…

Currently in second-draft revisions.

Good Girl

Eighteen-year-old Nicole lived a sheltered life with her parents as she focused on finishing school. Then two young men moved in down the street and she found herself fascinated, coming up with excuses to wander past their house. But after an unexpected and painful encounter with one of them, she finds herself inextricably linked to the other…

Currently finishing the first draft.