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Welcome to all the new people!

We’ve been having quite the influx of visitors, for which I can thank Since I love that site myself, I’m flattered to have shown up in one of their articles!

I’d stopped posting new Victorian Porn Fridays since I wasn’t getting much response. But now I’ve been receiving emails and comments asking for new ones, so I promise I’ll find some time within the next few weeks to post another. I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of all that quim-wetting goodness (or, if you are of the penis-endowed variety, that John Thomas-thickening goodness). In the meantime, please enjoy the archives; they’re all tagged appropriately.

Ah, good old Victorian porn. Everybody loves a pervert, and they did do perversion so very elegantly!

Joining the current century

I’ve realized that I should be more available on social networking sites. To that end, I can now be found on Facebook at my Fan Page, and on Twitter.

New site!

As I previously had an unconnected blog and a static site, I decided to go the WordPress route and make something integrated. The basics are now complete, and selected entries from the old blog have been moved here. (There were too many to move and most were inconsequential, so I just picked a small handful of posts from the past two years.) I hope you all enjoy the new site, and if there’s something you’d like to see, let me know! I can be reached via the “Contact Me” page in the menu bar to the right. :)