Poetry: Fist

Published by Clean Sheets, at http://www.cleansheets.com/poetry/wolfe_02.11.09.shtml


and in that blissful place
(where everything is distant and there is only quiet)
i thought of you and imagined
this: you kneeling next to me
your gaze holding mine
(irises the color of sun through early spring leaves)
and the twining of your fingers
around my wrist
holding me in place
(not that i would try to pull away)
giving me something to cling to
to keep myself within this moment
aware and alive
within this vivid blood-sweet pain
(and you with me, within me)
going deeper, deeper
watching my eyes to see
how much more I can take
(i take what you give me)
and you possess me like this
five fingers at a time
i need this all-encompassing hurt
(this is how we show love)

this pain will always be ours