Welcome to all the new people!

We’ve been having quite the influx of visitors, for which I can thank cracked.com. Since I love that site myself, I’m flattered to have shown up in one of their articles!

I’d stopped posting new Victorian Porn Fridays since I wasn’t getting much response. But now I’ve been receiving emails and comments asking for new ones, so I promise I’ll find some time within the next few weeks to post another. I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of all that quim-wetting goodness (or, if you are of the penis-endowed variety, that John Thomas-thickening goodness). In the meantime, please enjoy the archives; they’re all tagged appropriately.

Ah, good old Victorian porn. Everybody loves a pervert, and they did do perversion so very elegantly!

5 Responses to “Welcome to all the new people!”

  1. Gill

    I look, disturbingly, forward to it!

  2. Kita

    I got here from the cracked web site. These pieces are really quite amusing. Sometimes I have to stop and think: “this doesn’t sound much different than modern smut”. I mean, besides the whole slightly more daring type of vanilla.

  3. Raven

    Yes, I came from Cracked.com and I love the site! Added it to my favorites. :)

  4. NemDem

    Don’t cut the Victorian Porn Fridays! For a linguist, modern porn tales are a torture of morbidly bad writing… While this just reads awesome ]:D

  5. mary

    I just found your site and loved your Victorian Porn Friday series. Please keep it going!!

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